Parul Seth Khanna

Parul Seth Khanna is co-founder and director of pinBox Solutions, a Singapore-based Fintech enterprise committed to supporting digital pension inclusion in developing countries. She also heads the microPension Foundation, an India-based non-profit R&D hub.

Over the years, Parul has led the development and implementation of digital outreach and distribution platforms for micro-pension and micro-insurance targeting low-income women in developing countries. This includes “gift-a- pension” — the first global P2P ePension platform for pension and insurance inclusion of home help (maids, drivers, guards, cooks) and blue-collar workers in export factories in India. Parul has worked extensively in several countries in South Asia and East Africa, including Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. Parul assisted governments and pension regulators with designing retirement literacy tools and strategies for expanding voluntary pension coverage among low income, non-salaried informal sector workers. Parul also leads global partnerships and the communities vertical at pinBox that is focused on fostering a constructive dialogue and cooperative action on pension inclusion and coverage expansion between the financial and pension inclusion policy, regulatory, research and
business communities.

She co-edited the book “Saving the Next Billion from Old Age Poverty: Global Lessons for Local Action” with Gautam Bhardwaj and William Price published in October 2017. In a previous life, Parul was a journalist in the electronic media and has worked at BBC, CNBC and NDTV.


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