Lisa Enckell

Lisa Enckell is a partner at the Singaporean consultancy firm Approach World. Her current clients include the Swedish Fintech company Youplewhere Lisa acts as the CMO. She’s also interim CMO for VAsssist, a consumer-facing startup based in Mumbai. Approach World helps corporates, startups and investors with IT, product development and digital marketing management. Their focus is to help companies with digital transformation, innovation, and digital strategy. 

Approach World provides advice for c-level executives on strategic technology decisions and takes on interim c-level positions for companies in a transforming stage. Prior to Approach World Lisa was the VP of Marketing at Swedish startup Wrapp, based in San Francisco, US. She holds an MSc in Business and Economics with a major in marketing and media management from the Stockholm School of Economics. She’s also doing early-stage investments in startups together with her partner Andreas Ehn.


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