John P. Watters

John P. Watters was named EVP, Global Services & Intelligence at FireEye January 18, 2017 to merge FireEye services, customer support, Mandiant consulting, and iSIGHT intelligence into one business unit.

Mr. Watters was formerly Chairman and CEO (and founder) of iSIGHT Partners. The firm was founded in 2006 and acquired by FireEye in January of 2016 becoming FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence. iSIGHT Partners built a global network of intelligence experts that today extends the reach of FireEye’s threat intelligence capability.

Prior to iSIGHT, Mr. Watters was Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of iDEFENSE (2002), which he sold to VeriSign in 2005.  Over the past decade, Mr. Watters has been an active operator and investor in other innovative cyber security companies including TippingPoint Technologies in 2002, Archer Technologies in 2003 (served on the board), and Netwitness in 2006 (Chairman of the Board).

Prior to Mr. Watters’ focus in the cyber security industry, he was the founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of EFO Holdings, Inc.; the investment arm of Bill Esping (founder of First Data Resources).  In his various investment, operating and philanthropic capacities, Mr. Watters has served on more than 20 corporate and non-profit boards including the Jesuit Foundation (Dallas,Texas), the STAIRS Program which supports inner-city education (founder and Chairman) and Andromeda FC a U.S. Soccer Federation Development Academy (founder and Chairman). Also, Mr. Watters was the 2015 southwest regional winner for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Mr. Watters graduated from Santa Clara University, attended London School of Economics and is married with five children.


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