Jim Lord

Jim Lord is CEO, general counsel, and co-founder of Compliance Strategies International, LLC, and acts as a consultant to Dow Jones Risk & Compliance. Dow Jones acquired RiskAverter, a proprietary third-party risk management software solution first developed by Mr Lord for Compliance Strategies International, in February 2017.

Mr Lord previously served as a U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor for over twenty years, managing numerous investigations and prosecutions, including involving the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, money laundering, human trafficking, healthcare fraud, cybercrime, intellectual property, counterfeiting, and organized crime matters.

Mr Lord is a shareholder with law firm Glade, Voogt, Lord & Smith in Denver, Colorado. His international practice focuses on compliance, regulatory litigation, and business crimes. Mr Lord also currently serves as the chief operating officer for Grounded Compliance Investigations, LLC, an investigative firm that conducts global due diligence investigations.


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