Andres Portilla

Andrés Portilla is the Managing Director of the Regulatory Affairs Department at the IIF. He is in charge of leading the activities of the Regulatory Affairs department which cover a wide range of issues, including topics related to prudential standards (both on capital and liquidity) for banks and insurance companies, systemic risk, resolution, financial infrastructure, international accounting, securities and issues around emerging markets regulatory practice. The Department also spearheads the dialogue and interaction with international regulators and policymakers in the above areas.

Mr Portilla has over 18 years of experience on financial regulatory issues. In his native country, Colombia, he occupied positions in the regulatory affairs departments at the National Banking Association as well as commercial financial institutions. He also
practised law in the area of banking and financial markets.

Mr Portilla holds a JD and a Specialized Degree on Banking Law from the University of Rosario in Colombia, a Masters in Comparative Law LL.M from Pennsylvania State University in the US and an MBA from Bocconi University in Italy.


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