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Risk & Liability

What does liability look like in the new digital age for consumers and market players? What do we need to know and what are the challenges?
What sort of technology can help manage risk better?

Andres Portilla Managing Director, Regulatory Affairs, IIF
Melissa Koide Founder, RegTechLab
Mark Whitcroft Founding Partner, Illuminate Financial Management
Jim Lord Chief Executive Officer, General counsel, and Co-founder of Compliance Strategies International
Moderator: Jo Ann Barefoot Chief Executive Officer, Barefoot Innovation Group

Harnessing the Power of the Ledger

Blockchain technology holds great power. How can the Financial Industry unleash its full potential for growth and what are some considerations?

David Rutter Founder & Chief Executive Officer, R3 Lab
Joseph Lubin Founder, Ethereum
V. Laxmikanth (VLK) Managing Director, Broadridge Financial Solutions
Greg Li Head of Asia, BitFury
Moderator: Matthew Roszak Chairman & Co-Founder, Bloq

Fireside Chat

Sopnendu MohantyChief FinTech Officer, MAS

Moderator: Pat Patel Content Director, Money2020

Asian FinTech Founders

What propels one to innovate and what is needed to see the vision through to fruition.

Justin Lie Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Cashshield
Nicki Ramsay Founder & Chief Executive Officer, CardUp
Shailesh Naik Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Matchmove Pay
Mike Kayamori Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Quoine
Moderator: Pat Patel Content Director, Money2020


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