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SQREEM is an artificial intelligence platform unlike anything else in existence. SQREEM utilizes autonomous, self-assembling, deep learning algorithms to exploit open source digital footprints and patterns across the cyber domain and mobile device spectrum, in turn mapping all aspects of human behavior, intent, outlook, influence, and decision. Today, almost every individual on the planet leaves behind a trail of digital signals as they go about their daily lives. SQREEM is built to detect, identify and deconstruct each and every single one. This includes 800 million individuals inside China, as well as other theatres of interest, including Eastern Europe, the Middle East & NA, Asia, North America, Australia, as well as dark-web activity. SQREEM can be deployed towards any country, region, or target group.
This unparalleled technology applies nonlinear pattern recognition technologies using information entropy, and self-building clusters, which are autonomous and non-rules based. SQREEM identifies patterns and relationships in massive unstructured and structured data sets. The technology is language agnostic and possesses the ability to quickly detect and define normal and abnormal human behavior globally. In other words, SQREEM is able to independently adapt, learn, and make sense of elements at levels of complexity, scale, and speed, vastly beyond any tech-centric human or organizational initiative.



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