Category: financial inclusion

Confirmu an Israeli-Indian data analytics startup whose mission is to help lenders score people with no credit history or thin file. Our product is a SAAS and is offered as White label solution in the form of Mobile SDK. Our Credit scoring solution is based on:

  1. Conversational UI/Chatbot- user replies to questions on the form of free text are transformed to psycholinguistic profile indicating an applicant willingness to repay back loan.
  2. payment history- tapping into an applicant payment history of previous 3 months through text messages.
  3. Potential Employment opportunities- through social media profiles ,we are able to quantify the risk for the lender via cross validating the applicants professional history and skill set with matching jobs openings at his nearby area.
  4. Geolocation history- an internal analysis which we provides history of applicants locations on an avarge day.

Our value proposition to lenders is: 1. Increase customer base 2. Achieve accurate results 3. Ability to cross sell other products like credit cards & deposits. 4. Fraud detection.


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