A technology company HQ in Hong Kong, also has offices in Toronto, Canada as well as a research and development centre in China Heyuan, Guangdong, that specializes in IoT payment products and services. Founded by Wayne Leung in 2009, Tappy Technologies Limited is incorporated in Hong Kong SAR. Dedicated Hardware and R&D development team located in Hong Kong working tirelessly to design NFC enabled products. Software development team located in Toronto, Canada and manages
global sales workforce.

Tappy plays a strategic role in developing an IoT payment Ecosystem, that bridges FinTech, banks, card networks and regulators. Tappy is a IoT Payment Enabler providing secure, trustworthy and convenient global contactless payment end to end solutions as well as complete hardware solutions such as our Patented EMV Certified FlexiTag embedded into payment bands, phone cases, bangle, ceramic ring, watch bands, watch module holder, etc.

Tappy connects to multiple issuing banks around the world, card networks and fully manage these technical connections, relationships with the external network, and bank accounts for our customers. Other than the global payment open loop system, we also provide closed-loop system services to merchant network loyalty and coupon program and also to event organizers in the sporting & entertainment industry around the world.

Tappy is a License Visa Technology Partner and a Visa Vetted Vendor. Tappy’s appointed production facilities are authorized to embed our EMV certified FlexiTag into our ODM customer’s products. Tappy is also a Wearable Program Partner with Barclays bPay. www.bpay.co.uk

IoT Payment Programs available in the following countries: U.K., India, China and Brazil.


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