Location Tracking, Behavioral Analytics & Visualization for Public Spaces

SMU’s LiveLabs has developed a variety of advanced, mobile-centric analytics and customer engagement technologies for indoor public spaces, such as malls, convention centres and office campuses.

Capturing, understanding and predicting human movement behaviour, at both individual and collective levels, is key to the successful engagement of visitors at public spaces, such as campuses, convention centres and malls. Our technologies, successfully deployed on the SMU campus and several other public venues, leverage upon existing Wi-Fi infrastructure (and, optionally, sensor data from mobile devices) to
(a) Provide platform-independent continuous tracking of mobile devices in indoor public spaces,
(b) Apply analytics to derive and visualize key features, such as Heatmaps, movement transition vectors and next-place predictions, and
(c) Embed such analytics into innovative context-aware mobile apps with capabilities commonly desired by operators of such public spaces.

Come visit our booth to see a live demo during FinTech Festival 2017 event.
Singapore Management University, LiveLabs – Booth 2U14


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