Pulz Technologies (Pulztec) is a research and development company specializing in technology innovation with wide-ranging commercial applications.

Our patented innovation in interactive-video-technology, allows us to take 20 mins of video of any ‘real’ person and create a photo-realistic, ‘humanized’ (intelligent, speaking, listening and gesturing) digital version of them for use on any screen-based application.

The resulting “Tele-Avatar” is artificial-intelligence driven as well as speech and voice-recognition enabled, essentially bringing that digital person to life.

Our application in Fintech delivers the world’s first ‘humanized’ digital bank teller, providing automated, interactive, intelligent-guidance through basic and complex retail-banking transactions as a teller would. This application works with existing ATM hardware and software and can potentially revolutionize the utility of the ATM and realize the goal of true branchless-banking.


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