In the cutthroat world of stock, financial and derivative exchanges, data speed offers an edge over competitors. eStijl has developed an ultra-low latency distributed messaging system that can transfer massive amounts of data from exchanges with a latency of just 120 nanoseconds in a multithreading environment. While common distributed messaging systems such as RabbitMQ enable cluster systems to handle several million messages per second with latencies measured in milliseconds, eStijl technology allows a single PC server to handle similar throughput with a latency of only 1.4 microseconds. Founded in 2000 in Tokyo, eStijl began providing market data from the CME Globex electronic trading platform in 2016. eStijl has patented a number of its technologies, including a system that can identically handle both serialized and non-serialized data streams and another that helps reduce latency by rerouting data streams more efficiently.


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