cyberProductivity is the leading provider of Bank Branded Accounting Platforms (BBAP) with cash flow management tools (cashDirector) for banks serving MICRO & SMB clients – as an innovative add-on to existing online banking. BBAP & cashDirector are based on AI accounting robot technology, allowing business transactions & bank operations to be booked in real time. Cash flow management using real-time financial information gives banks an opportunity to use accounting data to generate new x-sell scenarios and offer bank products based on customer’s real needs. Reference – successful integration at mBank (5 million accounts, $35 bn in assets, part of Commerzbank Group). Over 2 million processed transactions, 50% new business penetration and high usage by SMB customers confirm the viability of the solution as part of the enriched online banking experience. Customers: E&Y, PwC, Orange, TMF.


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