BondIT is the only fixed income algo-advice solution that enables portfolio managers and advisors to create truly bespoke bond portfolios, make proactive trade calls, share performance analytics, interact and discuss smart, data-optimised reallocation and rebalancing suggestions with clients in real time.

The solution is designed with the entire bond portfolio management lifecycle in mind. We automate the manual work for you and reduce the opacity from your client’s investment experience, so you can focus on giving value-added advice and build more loyal relationships through:

Scaling business: by empowering advisors with data-¬driven, personalized, optimal investment recommendations leading to increased trade flow and revenues

Increase client loyalty by transforming the client-¬experience; by providing bespoke compliant portfolios backed by analytics

Enhance portfolio management efficiency by enabling construction, reallocation and re-¬balance of bond portfolios in seconds

Ensure fiduciary compliance by placing the clients’ requirements at the centre of the process


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