AI for Better Finance

AI Predictive Solution for Banks:
AIZEN provides AI solution ‘ABACUS’ for Retail Banks, specializing in Personal Loan. AIZEN helps banks to automate key business value chains, from product development to digital marketing, risk management, and collection. ABACUS analyzed $6B personal loan originated by Woori bank and provides predictive decisions for Sales, Risk, Product, and Branches. Customers are experiencing 23% of market expansion and 18% of risk reduction.

AI-based Global Alternative Investment Platform:
AIZEN is building an AI-based fixed-income focused alternative investment platform for global investors. AIZEN validated AI pricing module based on sophisticated cash-flow prediction from low to high-risk profile. We are creating new investable asset class for global investors with stable IRR 20%+.
AIZEN is expanding into Singapore and Southeast Asia countries.


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