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Significant progress has been made on the African continent to re-shape and adapt the financial services industry. Where is Africa heading?

Kudzai Kutukwa Founder and CEO, Mobbisurance
Sean Emery Co-founder and CEO, Rainfin, South Africa
Sameer Hirji Co-founder, Selcom
Viola Llewellyn Co-founder and President, Ovamba
Moderator: Lazaro Campos Co-founder, Fintech Stage

Payments for Inclusion

A showcase of how FinTech has been used to escalate Financial Inclusion in the region.

Ken Moore Chief Technology Officer, Executive Vice President and Head, Mastercard Lab
Mark Jamison Senior Vice President, Innovation & Strategic Partnerships VISA
Shuan Ghaidan Global Director, Products, Union Pay
Ron Hose Chief Executive Officer,
Moderator: Rashmi Dalai Managing Editor for APAC, EIU Thought Leadership, The Economist

The FinTech Northern Lights

Is the FinTech light shining brighter in the Nordic region than before? What are the opportunities there?

Aleksi Grym Head of digitalization, Bank of Finland
Iren Tranvag CEO, Nordie Finance Innovation
Thomas Krogh Jensen CEO, Copenhagen FinTech Lab
Lisa Enckell Partner, Approach World
Moderator: Chloe James Group Media Director, RFI


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