3-Minute Guide to Singapore FinTech Festival

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Launched in New York City on 12th April, the Singapore FinTech Festival will bring together the global financial community in Singapore for a week-long celebration of FinTech. We aspire to transform Singapore into a concentration of interconnected businesses, startups, and associated institutions in FinTech.  As Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister put it at the New York City launch, “Transforming finance to be more tailored to their needs, something that’s if possible cheaper, or more convenient and accessible to the customer. That’s our aim”.


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“Transforming finance to be more tailored to their needs, something that’s if possible cheaper, or more convenient and accessible to the customer. That’s our aim.”

 – DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam, 2016



Successive events from 14th to 18th November.

This Festival begins with the Innovation Lab Crawl. Innovation labs set up by banks, insurance companies, and tech giants will welcome you to visit their labs and test out new products and solutions. These labs are designed to optimise innovation, do visit the labs to draw inspirations on how to create a fluid work space, presentation stage or even illuminated display environment back in your own office. Housed at various locations around Singapore, be awed by not only their solutions but the labs’ interior design as well. To learn more on what the Hackcelerator is,  stay tuned to our website for the next article.


Three Conferences

Featuring a Two-day FinTech Conference, the 4th Edition of ABS-MAS Tech Risk Conference  and lastly, Asia’s first RegTech Forum. They will feature speeches, panel discussions, demos, fireside chats, networking, and exhibitions. If you are truly passionate about FinTech, do visit this FinTech nexus to exchange ideas and explore collaborations with fellow members of the FinTech community!


Festival closing like no other

The Festival’s closing party will be held in Padang. Given its prime location and historical significance, get ready and join us to be treated to Singapore’s culinary delights and live performances for Singapore’s local acts such as The Sam Willows at the heart of Singapore.



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Opportunities beyond the festival

Transforming the FinTech scene doesn’t happen overnight but we have to keep pushing the boundaries by encouraging industry players to constantly search for new ways to do business. This is just the beginning and we want to build a Smart Financial Centre here in Singapore, together with you.



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